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Work for week beginning 21.10.20

Hi all, as you are aware unfortunately the school had to close for the safety of both pupils and staff. For the last two days of term I will be sending out work as before the summer holidays. please find attached the overview of work and I have also attached the work itself in case you are unable to download it from the school Hub. (link and password for the hub are on the overview).As before the holidays I will also set up a Zoom call for anyone that wants to participate. I was thinking of doing an activity called ‘write the room’ which would need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. I would call out a room and the student would find an object and write it down on their paper. Could you let me know your availability and if you are willing to participate in this. Any work completed from the lessons I send can be sent back to me via email or they can returned on the first Monday back after half term. Many Thanks

Work for week beginning 6.7.20

Work for week beginning 29.6.20

Work for week beginning 22.6.20

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

Hello all, hope everyone’s ok and enjoying the refreshing rain.Please find attached some work for the week for the guys to be getting on with.

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

Work for week beginning 17.5.20

Work for week beginning 11.5.20

Work for week beginning 4.5.20

Work for week beginning 27.4.20

Work for week beginning 20.4.20

Work for week beginning 13.4.20

Work for week beginning 6.4.20

Work for week beginning 30.3.20

Subject area Learning Intention: Examples of Activities: Suggested Resources
Maths adapted To count objects to 2/3/5/10/20   Pegging washing
Counting out grapes for snack
Putting on socks
Planting seeds in pots
Collecting leaves/pebbles
Scoops of sand into a bucket
Time outside e.g. beach, gardening General household items
Maths Core and extended To use money for a snack shop Have a menu with snack items and a price – children to have a set allowance fo snack during the day

Exchange money at the ‘snack shop’
Making lists with pictures or cut out of magazines
English core To recognise key words within the home I spy –find a list of basic household items using words or pictures this can be done in the home or outside in the park, in the garden, any area you will walk in the community safely. Make a sensory journey of where you have been to collect items to create a map of where you have been. You can explore these items after your walk and talk about where you have been.   Point to objects or words that you have collected. Ask them to find the key items that they have found.  – Sequence first, second, last thing that you have found. For Sensory Students – Explore what you have found, smell, touch, take photographs. Note pad, pens, basket to collect items together – National Trust is opening its public spaces for free to allow people to get outside more.
English core To be able to engage in memory games to label house house/ outside Collect items from around the house, place on a tray and begin naming the objects together, cover the tray and remove an item. Ask your child to try and guess what is missing. Sensory Learners – Being able to reach out react and explore different textures you can find in the home and what you can do there.  i.e. using soap and making bubbles to explore and pop with your hands, tracking these items as they move past eyes to show they are engaged. Others to reach out and show resilience to touch hidden or unseen things in front of them. House hold items, bubbles, toys.
Motor skills adapted Fine Motor Skills Threading – cut up cardboard tubes, cut up egg carton with a hole pushed into it. Use a colander and thread string into it Use a straw/lollipop stick as a skewer for beads, cheerios Make necklaces with natural objects- leaves Hand gym- paper crumpling into the tightest ball- use two hands then one, clothes pegs peg all around an egg carton water spray bottles- spray plants , outside wall, bath time Playdough and cutters In the park climbing/ pulling activities Tearing paper, Tear strips from the page. Once strips have been torn, then tear the strips into small squares. You can use the paper squares to make a collage Finger Ball Walk. Walk the ball up and down their legs using their fingers. (Or up one leg, across the tummy, and down the other leg!)   Cardboard tubes, egg cartoons, beads, pasta, buttons, straws Cheerios, string, wool Paper, water bottles    
English extended Writing Activities Write about your day, or a picture Create a daily diary- what has happened today Fill in missing gaps in a simple sentence Easter cards Write your name Pens, pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips, paper, card
Science core and extended Germ warfare game Game, throughout students explain about the germs and how they affect us. Attached is the game, print out to use
Science adapted and core Germ colouring page Colouring the pages and explaining why germs are bad and how we prevent them spreading Print out of the colouring pages


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