What we are learning this term in 16LW

English This term 16LW will be using the topic of party planning to support our literacy lessons. We will be looking at expressing opinions confidently, discovering information about others, and planning events that appeal to groups of people, taking into account the needs and interests of each other.
English – Home learning opportunities To support at home parents can discuss with their young person which events they have been to and enjoyed.
Maths In maths we are focusing on time – both as a means to sequence events and to begin to use the clock to tell us how long an event is for. We are also looking at how calendars work and retrieving information from a calendar.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use the clocks in your house to note the time and use the language of time – o’clock, quarter past/to, half past, minutes, hours.
Life Skills We are specifically looking at internet safety in our life skills sessions and how social media can be a good thing if used well, but can be a problem if used badly.
Life Skills – Home learning opportunities Talk to your student about the importance of internet safety when they use the computer at home.
Computing We are using computers to develop profiles of our work and achievements. We can add in pictures to word documents and crop or snip pictures as required.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

PSD We are continuing work on Healthy Living, as well as looking at a new unit called Developing Self, which focuses on individual self-esteem and how important we are within our world.
PSD – Home learning opportunities Continue to look for opportunities to have a conversation about healthy choices, be they food, exercise or gaming. Encourage your student to share what they are experiencing at college.
Mental Wealth We are looking at what makes a good habit or a bad habit, substance abuse and how to cope with transitions as we enter this transitional time.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Encourage your student to talk with you about issues as they arise on TV or in your conversations.
Vocational learning We will continue to attend Sparsholt College where we will look after a range of animals and follow instructions to make sure they have the best care. This term we will work in the equine centre looking after the horses.
Vocational learning – Home learning opportunities Please make sure your student has wellington boots each Wednesday plus an overall. If you have a pet give your student specific jobs to do with looking after it.
Enterprise We will be making items for the summer fair in Enterprise and thinking about the need for a quality finish.
Enterprise – Home learning opportunities Come to the Summer Fair with your student and enjoy the day with them.
PE Our sports coach continues to stretch our students as they look at game skills and how to work successfully as a team or with a partner.
PE – Home learning opportunities Take part in physical activities together, or attend a sporting event.
Creative Arts We are looking at how our faces can be represented in art through different media – drawing, clay, paper masks for example. We will relate our art work to Ancient Egyptian portraits.
Creative Arts – Home learning opportunities Develop observational skills as you walk in the countryside, looking at colour, texture, distance.

Dear parents,

Michelle Rick teaches 16LW for two days each week.

Lynne Williams teaches 16LW for three days each week, and is also the Head of Osborne College.

Communication is crucial to ensure the success of each student. We will endeavour to communicate regularly with you through daily home diaries, letters and phone calls if appropriate. If you have any queries, or you just need to talk about your student please contact the school office in the first instance, and either Michelle or myself will be in touch as soon as we can.

We plan work with each student in mind, and adapt planning as we go in order to ensure it meets the needs of each student in 16LW. If you are unsure of anything, please get in touch and we would be happy to talk to you.

We are looking forward to a great half term.

Kind regards,

Lynne Williams and Michelle Rick

The 16LW Team

27/06/17 Oceana Clubbing Experience

We thought this was amazing and really enjoyed dressing up and going out with our mates. The lights and music were so good.


7/06/17 Caring for horses at Sparsholt

We had a great time mucking out and grooming the horses at Sparsholt.


DATE: 17/05.17

We now have a tennis coach come in each week, we are really enjoying it and looking forward to our next session.


DATE: 15/03/17

16 LW had a great day exploring ‘change’ for science day. We made slime and then blew balloons up with vinegar and baking soda!

DATE: 14/03/17

Today we had Army Cadets in and they organised different activities for us! We dressed up, played instruments and marched in a marching band, had a go on an obstacle course and so much more!


16LW had a great time making pancakes in Literacy this morning, fantastic at following instructions and not too bad at flipping the pancakes!

img_5924 img_5931 img_5936 img_5942 img_5945 img_5952


16LW really enjoyed watching the panto today, Cinderella was Fantastic!

img_4321 img_4322img_20161207_101817596img_20161207_110701430 img_20161207_102157213 img_20161207_102141261


Very busy afternoon in enterprise today, we were all out picking the apples then had to go in and wash, peel and chop them in preparation of making our apple sauce to sell at the Christmas Fayre.
img_3944 img_3951 img_3954 img_3956

DATE: 16/11/16

Fantastic morning at Haskins, we all enjoyed the lovely Christmas displays and decorations but most of all everyone thought the cakes were delicious! Lots of independent choosing and using our own wallets and money all being patient taking turns to pay.

img_3978 img_3979 img_39821img_3980

DATE: 9/11/16

The Clafe is up and running in full, preparing lunches for the staff! Our young people got really involved in all the preparations and learnt how to use the till.


DATE: 20/10/16

Another fantastic morning at Sparsholt College, this week we were dog walking. We really enjoyed a scenic walk around the beautiful college with our new four legged friends.

DATE: 6/10/16

16AN are trying really hard in Neville’s football sessions, already showing great improvements with their skills. These pictures are showing the class taking turns to try and roll the ball in the hoops to work on controlling the power they use to throw/kick a ball. They really enjoyed it and were all encouraging and cheering each other on.

DATE: 6/10/16

On Wednesday 16AN went to Sparsholt for their first session of Animal Management. They were working with cats this week, they had to change and wash the beds and then they got to handle the cats, which they all enjoyed.

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