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16LW Autumn 1 Blog

In 16 LW we have been getting to know lots of new students. We have already visited the train station to plan our community trips and some of us played mini golf in Romsey. We are all very much looking forward to our year in college.

16LW Spring 1
We visited Sparsholt College weekly and looked after donkeys, lambs and pigs this half term! We love it at Sparsholt. This is part of our Employability accreditation and gives us a taste of what life is like at a college of further education.

16LW Autumn Term
We visited Winchester library weekly. This gave us an opportunity to use the new scanners in the library and the pedestrian crossings. This is part of our work on using technology in the home and community.

16LW   2016-2017 ARCHIVE

27/06/17 Oceana Clubbing Experience

We thought this was amazing and really enjoyed dressing up and going out with our mates. The lights and music were so good.



7/06/17 Caring for horses at Sparsholt

We had a great time mucking out and grooming the horses at Sparsholt.


DATE: 17/05.17

We now have a tennis coach come in each week, we are really enjoying it and looking forward to our next session.


DATE: 15/03/17

16 LW had a great day exploring ‘change’ for science day. We made slime and then blew balloons up with vinegar and baking soda!

DATE: 14/03/17

Today we had Army Cadets in and they organised different activities for us! We dressed up, played instruments and marched in a marching band, had a go on an obstacle course and so much more!


16LW had a great time making pancakes in Literacy this morning, fantastic at following instructions and not too bad at flipping the pancakes!

img_5924 img_5931 img_5936 img_5942 img_5945 img_5952


16LW really enjoyed watching the panto today, Cinderella was Fantastic!

img_4321 img_4322img_20161207_101817596img_20161207_110701430 img_20161207_102157213 img_20161207_102141261


Very busy afternoon in enterprise today, we were all out picking the apples then had to go in and wash, peel and chop them in preparation of making our apple sauce to sell at the Christmas Fayre.
img_3944 img_3951 img_3954 img_3956

DATE: 16/11/16

Fantastic morning at Haskins, we all enjoyed the lovely Christmas displays and decorations but most of all everyone thought the cakes were delicious! Lots of independent choosing and using our own wallets and money all being patient taking turns to pay.

img_3978 img_3979 img_39821img_3980

DATE: 9/11/16

The Clafe is up and running in full, preparing lunches for the staff! Our young people got really involved in all the preparations and learnt how to use the till.


DATE: 20/10/16

Another fantastic morning at Sparsholt College, this week we were dog walking. We really enjoyed a scenic walk around the beautiful college with our new four legged friends.

DATE: 6/10/16

16AN are trying really hard in Neville’s football sessions, already showing great improvements with their skills. These pictures are showing the class taking turns to try and roll the ball in the hoops to work on controlling the power they use to throw/kick a ball. They really enjoyed it and were all encouraging and cheering each other on.

DATE: 6/10/16

On Wednesday 16AN went to Sparsholt for their first session of Animal Management. They were working with cats this week, they had to change and wash the beds and then they got to handle the cats, which they all enjoyed.

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