Sport and leisure This term we are exploring how to make choices within sport. We are focussing on choosing teammates and team colours. We are partaking in Boccia and New Age Kurling.
Knowing about Myself This term in Knowing about Myself, we will be looking at the kind of people we are. The things we like and dislike. The people and things that are important to us.





In horticulture this term, we will be looking at growing our own vegetables and fruit. The class will then use the produce in their independent living lessons.
Home learning opportunities Involve your young person in gardening jobs. When you go out point out the changing of the season and the new plants growing.
Towards Independence – Independent Living skills This term students will learning about simple food preparation and exploring different food smells, tastes and textures.


Towards Independence – Independent Living skills Involve your young person in food preparation tasks at home.
Computing The class will be using switches to explore cause and effect. Some students will start to use an eye tracking ICT system.


Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth Students will participate in activities and therapies to support their mental health and wellbeing. Students will have the opportunity to participate in relaxation; sensory integration programmes and daily walks.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Try listening to relaxing music or going for a walk.
Vocational learning Students will continue to work in the school café and will also help to set up the Osborne College snack stall.
Vocational learning – Home learning opportunities Involve your young person in the preparation of simple snacks at home.
Performing arts This term the class will be studying the stage show Stomp. They will be investigating their immediate environment and making sounds without traditional musical instruments.
Expressive arts This term in expressive arts, the class will be exploring different ways of creating art. The art will be based around the theme of spring.
QE2 activity Centre



The class will participating in a programme of activities including, canoeing, boating, rifle shooting, archery, coppicing and tree planting.
Other learning opportunities


Students will also follow their own individual targets and therapy timetables.



What we are learning

21/12/17- QE2 centre

Throughout the Autumn term students from 16AR have braved the weather and participated in a variety of adventurous activities at the QE2. Students have been learning about safety. They have learnt what precautions need to be taken and what equipment they need to use.

21/12/17- Sensory Music

Every Thursday students from 16AR have been participating in a sensory music lesson with students from 16SC.  This term they have been putting sounds to a poem about the storm in the Tempest. The group performed the poem to KS4 and Osborne College students.


16/10/17- QE2 Centre

Students in 16AR are going to the QE2 either on a Tuesday or a Thursday this year. They are sampling a variety of activities. They have especially enjoyed rifle shooting and canoeing this half term.


16AR   2016-2017 ARCHIVE

DATE 10/06/17 – Creative Arts

16AR have been inspired by the work of the artist Jackson Pollock and have been busy creating their own action paintings. We have had great fun splattering and squirting paint.

DATE: 10/06/17- Rifle shooting

16AR have taken a three course in rifle shooting at the QE2 activity centre. The class have learnt the safety procedures involved and how to fire the rifles. They have enjoyed immensely shooting at targets and tin cans.


DATE 24.3.17  Drama

Several members of 16AR have been working with other young people in Osborne college and drama students from Winchester University. They have spent the last month putting together a show. The other students and staff in Osborne College thoroughly enjoyed watching the show this week.

DATE: 18/01/17  Baking

We have been making cakes to sell in the school café. We have enjoyed exploring the smells, tastes and textures of the different flavoured cakes.
img_0616 img_0472 img_0457 img_0365

DATE: 17/01/17  Shopping

Each week we go shopping to buy ingredients for our baking lesson. We are learning to follow a shopping list and to use the self service checkout.

img_0304 img_0307 img_0327 img_0301

DATE: 17/11/16 Orienteering

16AR took advantage of some fine autumnal weather and went orienteering at the QE2 . We used a map to navigate the site. We especially enjoyed seeing all the autumn colours.

img_2935 img_2930 img_2916 img_2907

DATE: 3/11/16 Bushcraft

At the QE2 centre we have been honing our bushcraft skills. We have learnt how to start a fire, we also helped to cut some wood to keep it going.

img_0394 img_0481

DATE: 31/10/16 Hamlet

During Shakespeare week 16AR learnt about Hamlet. We enjoyed exploring the story using our senses.

img_0319 img_0328 img_0335 img_0337

DATE: 10/10/16   Horticulture

As part of our horticulture project to improve an area of the school, we planted the bedding plants. We hope you agree they look good.


DATE: 12/10/16

We are enjoying our PE sessions with Neville every Tuesday. We are focusing on fitness and being active. We do hope the sunny mornings continue.

DATE: 6/10/16

We are thoroughly enjoying going to the QE2 activity centre every week. This week we braved the zip wire.

DATE: 6/10/16

As part of our horticulture lessons 16AR are trying to the help improve the grounds of the school. The last few weeks we have been weeding and tidying. This week we went to a garden centre to choose some bedding plants. 


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