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W/C 13.4.20 16LW 
 Entry 1Entry 2Level 1
PSDPreparation for work (Using information from your pack)Challenge 2:Using your list of important skills and qualities needed in the workplace,decide which you are good at and which you need to improve.Challenge 3:Produce a list of all the skills and qualities you think are important for working life. Identify your own strengths by giving yourself a score out of five for each skill or quality. A score of five means this is one of your real strengths; a score of one means you will have to work to improve.   Challenge 3:Make a list of your skills, qualities and achievements that would be useful in the workplace. Make a second list of the skills, qualities and achievements needed in the workplace that you need to develop.
EmployabilityRights and responsibilities in the work place (Using information from your pack)Talk to your parent about what responsibilities someone has when they have a job.Pack Activity 3:If you had a problem at work that you felt you needed to talk to someone about, who could you speak to?For this activity you could interview or talk to a parent or older sibling about their job, and if and when they have had any problems.Record the ideas they tell you on a mind map.Pack Activity 3:Identify and find out about organisations and individuals that may be able to provide help and support to employees in the workplace.Find out:• the names of different trade unions and which areas of work they support• the support that trade unions can offer to employees• the names of at least two websites that can provide guidance on problems at work.Produce a poster or information leaflet for new employees to show what these organisations and individuals can do to support them in their new jobs.

Work for week beginning 6.4.20

Parents and carers,

Some suggestions of activities/tasks that your student might want to do from next Monday. I understand that this is technically the Easter holidays, so if you want a break please have one.  As stated before there is no expectation that they complete all or any of these. The work is offered as a way to instill some routine into the day but you know your student best. If you need any advice or help please email me. I am here for you.

Entry 1:

1.Complete some of the PSD pack  – Preparation for Work.

If you look at the unit activities Challenge 1: Use this sheet (from your pack) to help you talk about different skills and qualities:

Cut the pictures out and choose the ones that you think you have. Stick them onto a piece of paper and write your name in the middle.

Entry 2:

1.Complete some of the PSD pack  -Preparation for Work.

If you look at the unit activities Challenge 2:

Find out what skills and qualities employers are looking for in their employees. You could do this by:

• interviewing an employer at your centre (your student can email me and I can set up a phone call)

• talking to employees and employers (your parents have jobs)

Use this sheet (from your pack) to help you talk about different skills and qualities:

2.Complete some of the Employability pack – Rights and responsibilities.

If you look at the unit activities number 2 is:

Talk with others about the responsibilities you have as an employee.

For example: you must let your employer know if you are ill or taking a holiday.

What might happen if you don’t carry out your responsibilities at work?

You could produce a poster/picture that shows your responsibilities and what might happen if these were not met.

Level 1 

1.Complete some of the PSD pack  -Preparation for Work.

Challenge 2: Think about the differences between skills and qualities:

  •  a skill is something you have been taught to do (whether it be  learning how to kick a rugby ball, make a cake or swim front crawl, for example.) 
  • A quality is personal to you. (You could be patient, hard working, energetic, organised for example.)

Describe your achievements to a parent.

Complete the table using the following headings (page 3):​

My skills/My qualities/My achievements

2. Complete some of the Employability pack – Rights and Re​sponsibilities in the Workplace.

Activity 2: Research and make notes about the different laws that help to protect employees at work.

Don’t forget: if using Internet printouts as evidence, make sure you highlight or annotate them to show the main points or information.

Complete question 1 on the resource sheet.

3. Complete the English and Maths work that I have put onto the learning hub:

  • Lower streamed work is found in 16OB’s class page
  • Upper streamed work is in this page

4. Complete some of the MyMaths activities I have emailed you about.

5. Look in the fridge and identify an ingredient that needs using up. Research a recipe that you could use this ingredient for.


Learn how to change your duvet then send me a funny photo of you doing it! There will be PRIZES for every photo – posted to you 🙂

7.David Walliams is reading a new story each day for free. You can find the link on his website.     

 8. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

9. Try some Joe Wicks PE – you know you want to! Send me a photo of you doing it 😎

Have a lovely family week.

If you need anything just email.

Lynne Williams, Head of Osborne College (Post 16)/Class teacher

Work for week beginning 30.3.20


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