What we are learning this term in 16OB

English This term 16OB will be using an Enterprise project to support our Literacy lessons. We will be looking at expressing opinions confidently, discovering information about charities and enterprise projects and then planning a project. We will be focusing on using texts to extract information and improving our writing skills.
English – Home learning opportunities To support at home parents can discuss with their young person which charities they support and events they have been to and enjoyed. Perhaps collecting leaflets and literature surrounding the area, and using them to find information.
Maths This term 16OB will also be using our Enterprise project to support our Numeracy lessons. We will be looking at planning a project, and using maths skills to support this. We will be calculating expected costs, buying and selling items and ensuring we make a profit to donate to our chosen charity.
Maths – Home learning opportunities To support at home parents can continue to use money functionally, and promote independence in this area.
Life Skills We will be working in the café once a week. We will be making and serving snacks at break for the school. We will also be responsible for helping to put together the staff lunch menu for this 1/2 term.
Life Skills – Home learning opportunities Parent can promote independent food choice and preparation at home wherever possible. Aweil as life skills jobs around the home.
Computing In 16OB we will be looking at ICT out in the community. We access the community weekly, and focus on technology that we use in everyday life. We will be using self-check outs, the library system, online directions and online bus timetables.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

PSD This term 16OB will be focusing on ICT at home and in the community in our PSD sessions. We will be doing lots of work to promote the use of technology when out and about in the community, which parents can continue to promote. We will be out and about in the community regularly and aim to promote and encourage confidence, and supported independence. Last year saw a lot of bus travel training, which was hugely successful. We will continue this around the local Winchester area.


PSD – Home learning opportunities Parents could help at home by travelling on buses at the weekends to embed and transfer skills learnt at college. Parents can also promote the safe use of technology both at home and out in the community.

Your young people could practice using a hoover safely at home!

Mental Wealth This term the focus is on promoting self-confidence and developing ourselves. We will be looking at this throughout the week as conversations about this are encouraged regularly. There will be time throughout the week to talk through how the week has been, what could be improved and how working towards individual targets is going.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Parents can support this by encouraging family discussions about new year’s resolutions and developing ourselves as individuals. Reassuring them that it ok to talk about how they feel.
PE We will have a football coach called Lee supporting Post 16. This term he will be focusing on football and cricket.
Food Technology This term we are continuing to focus on preparing healthy home cooked meals. The students have chosen the meals that they want to learn to cook, and this has made up the plan for the term. Some of the meals will include; Pizza, chicken wings and coleslaw, burgers and fajitas. We are looking forward to them all!
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Parent can promote independent food choice and preparation at home wherever possible.


Welcome back after the Christmas holiday. I hope you all had a lovely time. I am looking forward to finding out what everyone has been up to.


Due to the emphasis on independence and transferring skills to the community, it is asked that all students have their own wallet with a small amount of money they can learn to be responsible for. If parents have any questions about this, please be in contact.

For those parents that are new to either the college or 16OB, and want any information I can always be contacted by email (

The staff supporting 16OB this year will be Hannah Daubney and Betty Mort.

Olivia Byrne (College Tutor)


16OB Autumn 2 Blog

Whilst working in the café  we worked as a class to make a roast dinner for everyone to enjoy. We cooked roast chicken with roast potatoes and lots of vegetables. We also made apple crumble and custard for pudding. We all really enjoyed it.


16OB have been trying to improve our social skills. We have set up a social skills afternoon session, in which we choose group activities and work on working together as a team, and supporting those that need help or encouragement.  We have played team games on the Wii, Uno and a new emoji card game. We have had some lovely games, and members of the group have had to explain and remind others of the rules of the different games.

DATE 11/10/17

16OB have settled into their weekly trip to the QE2 centre. So far we have tried canoeing, archery, orienteering and rifle shooting. The trip is great for team building and increasing everyone’s confidence. Today we tried rifle shooting and we were all quite good!

2016-2017  160B ARCHIVE


DATE 24/03/17

16OB have been out and about in Winchester practicing their ICT skills in the community. Students have identified where and what technology is available for them to use in the local area. This has included using debit cards for some students and money for others. Students have supported each other when using different types of technology. Jimmy has shown others in the class how to use the machine in McDonalds without a debit card!

Week beginning 3 October.For a few weeks now, 16OB have been going to Eastleigh College on a Friday morning. The two course are mechanics and art, and we are also  focussing on learning to use the café. The mechanics group are really getting into the swing of it, having removed tyres, batteries and even attempted a door! The art group have started to produce some lovely Autumn art (pictures to follow)..Week beginning 26th September.This week we went on our first bus trip. We are focusing on becoming confident in using public transport, starting with buses around Winchester. We travelled to Badgers farm, and brought a drink in Sainsbury’s before heading back. The staff are also learning, as we managed to miss our stop and had to walk back down to Sainsbury’s! We’ve learnt our lesson, and the students have assured us they will make sure we get off at the right stop next week!.

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