16OB – Spring 1 Blog

The college have started our ‘next steps’ programme for this academic year. This has meant that 16OB have access to the food technology room on a Friday morning. This term we will be focusing on expanding our breakfast choices. We will be planning, cooking and trying a variety of breakfast ideas. Last week we all made toast and chose a variety of toppings. This week we will be trying porridge; many of us for the first time!


To find out what the pupils will be learning about this term please visit our new ‘OSBORNE COLLEGE PAGE‘.

16OB Autumn 1 Blog

16OB have been planning a trip in their Numeracy lessons. We have been researching trips that we would like go on and then practicing using tally’s and voting systems. Our final vote revealed that we are going to the Sea life centre .

We are going to start the final plans over the next couple of weeks. We are all excited!

16OB Spring 2

16OB are all feeling very pleased with ourselves. This term we have been using the topic of charities to support our Literacy and Numeracy lessons. We planned and organised a sponsored swim to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

Although only 4 members of the class swam, everybody was involved in the planning, sponsorship and supported us by counting our lengths on the day.

We managed to swim 20 lengths each, which was a personal best for everyone; and the final total was 147!

We have all been staggered by the amount of sponsorship we have managed to raise. In total we have collected £480 to donate to the Air Ambulance!

16OB Spring 1 Blog

16OB really enjoyed Safer internet day and covered some interesting topics. We spent time discussing safe internet and social media use and all worked together to make a class role model. Her name is ‘Susan’ and we are all going to try and be as sensible and safe using the internet as she is.

16OB Autumn 2 Blog

Whilst working in the café  we worked as a class to make a roast dinner for everyone to enjoy. We cooked roast chicken with roast potatoes and lots of vegetables. We also made apple crumble and custard for pudding. We all really enjoyed it.


16OB have been trying to improve our social skills. We have set up a social skills afternoon session, in which we choose group activities and work on working together as a team, and supporting those that need help or encouragement.  We have played team games on the Wii, Uno and a new emoji card game. We have had some lovely games, and members of the group have had to explain and remind others of the rules of the different games.

DATE 11/10/17

16OB have settled into their weekly trip to the QE2 centre. So far we have tried canoeing, archery, orienteering and rifle shooting. The trip is great for team building and increasing everyone’s confidence. Today we tried rifle shooting and we were all quite good!

2016-2017  160B ARCHIVE

DATE 24/03/17

16OB have been out and about in Winchester practicing their ICT skills in the community. Students have identified where and what technology is available for them to use in the local area. This has included using debit cards for some students and money for others. Students have supported each other when using different types of technology. Jimmy has shown others in the class how to use the machine in McDonalds without a debit card!

Week beginning 3 October.For a few weeks now, 16OB have been going to Eastleigh College on a Friday morning. The two course are mechanics and art, and we are also  focussing on learning to use the café. The mechanics group are really getting into the swing of it, having removed tyres, batteries and even attempted a door! The art group have started to produce some lovely Autumn art (pictures to follow)..Week beginning 26th September.This week we went on our first bus trip. We are focusing on becoming confident in using public transport, starting with buses around Winchester. We travelled to Badgers farm, and brought a drink in Sainsbury’s before heading back. The staff are also learning, as we managed to miss our stop and had to walk back down to Sainsbury’s! We’ve learnt our lesson, and the students have assured us they will make sure we get off at the right stop next week!.