What we are learning this term in 16SC

English We will be continuing to base our work on the story of Beauty and the Beast including preparing for the School Summer Show.
English – Home learning opportunities To visit the theatre to watch a show.
Numeracy Numeracy in everyday life. Students will be using money in everyday situations.
Numeracy  – Home learning opportunities Support your young person to use money in a range of situations. Putting money into money boxes, making simple money exchanges, using money in a ticket machine or vending machine.
Life Skills In horticulture this half term students will be potting plants to sell at the school fete, we will be potting on small bedding plants and planting containers and hanging baskets. We will also be caring for the various vegetable plants we have been growing.


This half term students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in a variety of domestic tasks as they become increasingly independent.

Life Skills – Home learning opportunities Help your young person to water and care for plants in your garden.

Encourage your child to carry out simple tasks to help around the home and let us know what they have been doing.

Computing Students will be developing their skills when using a games console. Students will also have the opportunity to practice using ICT you may find in the community. We will be practicing using a lift and vending machine.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Please let us know your child’s favourite games to use on a console. Help your young person to use ICT in the community. To use a vending machine or a self service till when shopping. We would love to hear about their achievements.
Creative Arts Students will be helping to make props and scenery for our Summer Show. They will also be helping to make Posters, art work, decorations and tickets to ensure the show is a roaring success.
Mental Wealth We will continue to celebrate each student’s achievements and encourage students to recognise each other’s successes. Students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in daily activities that promote wellbeing sessions include relaxation, sensory circuits, Sherborne Movement, massage, TAC PAC and individual therapies.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities We will be sending home some information on sensory activities you can use at home with your child.
Vocational learning Class 16SC will be continuing to help to run the school café. We will be working on students following instructions with increasing independence. We are also creating so gardening crafts to be sold at the Summer Fete.
Vocational learning – Home learning opportunities Visit a garden centre to look at gardening gifts as well as the plants.
PE Class 16SC continue to participate in activities at the QE2 centre each week.

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Above is an over view of what we will be learning over this half of the Summer Term and some ideas for things you can do with your child at home to support their learning.

This half term we are looking forward to spending more time outside and in our class garden as well as preparing for the Summer Show.

We will be busy finishing and collating accreditation for the students who are leaving this year to celebrate all their wonderful work that has been completed and achievements that have been made. Student work books and portfolios are looking so beautiful. We are all so proud of the students work.

Staff from 16SC will continue to write in student diaries each day so you know what students have been leaning and what they have achieved each day. We will also try very hard to send home photos each week in student photo books so you can help the students celebrate their achievements.

Our class blog will be updated soon with all of our all our class news from last half term.

Kind Regards

The 16SC Team


DATE :27/02/17

Students in 16SC worked very hard last half term to make cards and gifts to sell for Valentines Day. The students were very engaged in all of the sessions as the stuck together cards, stamped greetings, packaged candles, labelled gifts, filled sweet jars and priced our items. Over the half term students became more and more independent at completing simple tasks and worked well at developing fine motor skills associated with all the different tasks we had to complete. Our end products looked amazing and we were all very proud of the stall that we set up in the school staffroom. The staff seemed to like our products too and we made over £50. All of the money we earn goes back into our enterprise fund to put towards our next project. This half term we will be making Easter cards and gifts.

DATE: 16/12/16

Students from 16SC that attend the QE2 centre made a fabulous Christmas tree! We used saws, hammers and a drill to construct our Christmas tree from recycled pallets.

img_2097 img_2107 img_2112 img_2121 img_2124 img_2131


DATE: 15/12/16
Students enjoyed making hats and placemats and then enjoyed a fabulous Christmas lunch. Students tucked into the traditional Christmas dinner pulled crackers a good time was had by all.
img_2167 img_2163 img_2159

DATE: 13/10/16
The highlight of our week continues to be our trip to the QE2 centre here are some great photos of our adventures over the last two weeks.
DATE: 4/10/16
The students in 16SC had a great day designing and making our Osborne Bake Off entry. We decided to base our theme on ‘pirates’ as Sammy loves pirates and ‘sharks’ as Alex has recently been singing the theme tune of Jaws to everyone’s delight in class.
Our task was to make ‘Tropical Rocky Road’ and most of the students loved trying a range of tropical fruits, some just enjoyed smelling and feeling them and Sammy simply enjoyed balancing the pineapple on his head!
The students were completely engaged by the whole day and were very excited when we headed down to the hall for the judging. Ben was keen to dress up as a pirate and added the drama to our entry as he raised his sword and shouted Arrrrrrr! scaring the judges as they tasted our entry – Rocky, Tropical, Shark Infested Pirate Island. We were all very excited and proud when we were announced as the winners of the coveted ‘Mary and Paul’s Favourite Bake’ category. What a fantastic day!


DATE: 27/09/16
Students enjoyed their first trip of the year to the QE2 Activity Centre. Our first activity was climbing and the swings and all of the students who went participated in one or both of the activities. Students were encouraged to put on their own safety equipment and follow instructions from Kerri our instructor. Some students were a little nervous at first but after watching the others having so much fun they couldn’t resist joining in too. Lauryn showed real talent on the climbing walls and climbed all 4 walls!

img_10041 img_10071 img_10201 img_10351 img_10362 img_1044

DATE: 26/9/16

In ICT we have been learning how  to use a CD player. Students have been choosing their favourite tunes using a choosing board and using the CD player to find the numbered track. By the end of the session students were able to recognise the different controls on the CD player and we had all enjoyed dancing along to some great tunes!
img_09431 img_09521 img_09551 img_09581

DATE: 25/9/16

This week all of the new chairs for Osborne College have arrived, all of the new classrooms have been painted and we hope we will be able to take all of the students over to visit very soon.

img_08231 img_08251 img_08261

DATE: 19/9/16

We have had an exciting and busy first week back. We completed our first ‘Golden Mile’ walk around the beautiful school grounds in the sunshine it was very relaxing and the students really enjoyed it. We also completed our first session running the school café, the session went very well. Students helped to prepare snacks, set up items to be sold used the dish washer, and completed individual tasks to clean the café.

img_0779 img_0785 img_0786 img_0788 img_0805



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