9SL visit the Hat Fair

You may have seen us in the Daily Echo after 9SL took part in the schools’ parade at the Hat Fair on Friday 3 July 2015. We had already enjoyed a story telling workshop, a visit from Callum from the theatre and Emily, the artist who helped us to make our fabulous bird, a Quetzel parrot.

The day of the parade dawned hot and sunny and we made our way down to the Abbey Gardens to meet up with the hundreds of other school children from local schools taking part in the event to kick off the Hat Fair 2015. Our first surprise when we got there was to notice that Callum, who was one of the organisers from the Theatre Royal, was on stilts, which surprised and delighted 9SL.

The parade itself was hot, bright, noisy, colourful and fun with birds of all shapes and sizes dipping and swirling with the music. After the parade we ate our   lunches in the shade in the Cathedral Grounds and then watched the ‘Big Blue Balloon man’ who was eaten by his own balloon but who was incredibly funny!

A great time was had by all, especially Ella who hugely enjoyed feeling like a carnival queen all day and Max whose mind was blown by all the noise and excitement around him. All of the pupils who came were amazing and despite all the madness around them were a brilliant advertisement for Osborne school. Well done 9SL! Thanks also to Mrs Guerrier for coming and helping us out on the day.

Hat Fair

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