Pupils perform ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ at The Theatre Royal

We had only been rehearsing A Midsummer Nights Dream for a week, and it still managed to bring the house down!

A group of students from years 9,10,11 and Post 16 have created a performance which received a standing ovation at the Theatre Royal when we performed it in Tuesday 10th November at the Shakespeare Schools Festival. They were supported by our incredible staff who gave up their time to make sure these students had the most amazing time possible- which of course, they did!

I stood at the side of the theatre tonight watching my cast on stage. I was nervous, as any director would be, worried about students forgetting their lines or cues or forgetting props. As soon as the lights went up, any shred of those nerves was dispelled and replaced by absolute bursting pride. The students were so focused, in character and determined to knock the socks of their audience, which they inevitably did! The cast was led by Josh Batchelor, who played mystical and mischievous Puck, Kayleigh Pike, our punk rock fairy queen Titania, Kyle Norman, wild and moody Oberon and Connor Bates who played a dramatic, lime light loving Bottom. Alongside them stood our supporting cast, some old faithfuls and some first timers. Regardless of their experience of the Festival, all the students performed with commitment, dedication and a whole bucket load of gusto! It was magical!

The story took us from Titania and Oberon’s squabble through to our Athenian Lovers and Rehearsing Mechanicals. I have never seen such commitment and concentration as I did tonight, it was astounding how professional the whole cast were both on and offstage. I felt so privileged to watch our students perform, be part of their Shakespeare journey and to really show the audience what Osborne is about – unity, celebration, friendship and determination.

As the venue director (and Caroline Irwin) said: “we put the dream in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’

Hannah Corrall, Director of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’.

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