Years 7 & 10 attend the ‘Into Film’ Festival

On Wednesday 18th October the whole of Year 10 set off on a bright, sunny day to walk to the cinema in Winchester. As part of the annual ‘Into Film’ festival, every school child in the UK gets the chance to visit the cinema and watch a film for free. We took the opportunity to go and watch ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ in the newly refurbished Everyman Cinema in Winchester. It is a musical comedy rated 12, and has won awards for the Top Film Soundtrack. The film was really funny, the weather was perfect for walking to the cinema and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and behaved brilliantly throughout. When writing up their film reviews after the trip, some of their comments summed up the experience…

‘It was the best day ever!’

‘I enjoyed the trip with my friends and had a choice of who I wanted to sit with. I didn’t have any friends at my old school’

‘It was really funny and I liked the character of Fat Amy the best’.

‘I really enjoyed the trip’.

Heidi Hack and Anne-Louise Peterson (Year 10 team)

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