Post 16 Pancake Bar was a huge success!

As part of our functional literacy and numeracy sessions, Post 16 students have spent the morning preparing for, making, cooking, serving and clearing up pancakes.

16HC worked as a group to prepare the pancakes, choosing one of three methods: the traditional method, mixing together the ingredients into a batter from scratch, a batter mix and a ‘just add water’ shake mix. The students selected the method that they thought would suit their skills, and they worked together, without staff support, to make the batter.

Afterwards they fried the pancakes in the Osborne House kitchen, following health and safety rules, and then set up the Pancake Bar. We had lots of lovely toppings to choose from: Nutella, cream, bananas, syrup, lemon and sugar. The students made symbols and labelled the toppings. They set up the bar and invited 16SC to come and choose a pancake, using the symbols to make their requests.

We then all enjoyed a pancake ourselves to celebrate our collaborative success. What a brilliant morning!

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