Pupils attend ‘Step into Sport’ leadership training

On Friday 15 January 2016 Osborne School were invited you to take a group of 8 pupils to the Hampshire Step Into Sport training event at the Mountbatten Sports Centre, Portsmouth. Pupils from mainstream and special schools and colleges were invited to attend the one-day event. The event helped pupils develop their personal, social and organisational skills and improve confidence in adapting activities to include all young people to take part in sessions/events.

When selecting young people to attend we were encouraged to use the following criteria ensuring they:

  • Have the ability to plan and organise
  • Can communicate effectively
  • Can build relationships with others
  • Can reflect on their own performance
  • Is or wants to lead and volunteer in sport and/or wants to work with disabled young people in sport

The pupils accessed the following during the training event:

  1. Workshops focusing on the development of communication and organisation skills
  2. Team challenges in small groups where they will put into practice their enhanced communication and organisation skills through planning and delivering a short session or competition
  3. Reflection and action planning

The course was organised as part of the Inclusion Futures Project based at Bath University and was led by University of Portsmouth students who had training to prepare for the event. Mary Rose as project Ability school were also helping with the coordination and training.

All pupils had a fantastic day and learnt a great deal about leadership. The conference is a very important part of their leadership qualifications the pupils are trying to achieve through their Sport and Leisure option.

Photos are on their way. Please check back in a couple of days.


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