World Book Day 2016

We celebrated World Book Day in style at Osborne this year with the creation of a whole school story with the help of Discarded Nut Theatre and some fabulous stories from Bag Books. Every pupil enjoyed stories and celebrating READING! Congratulations also to those pupils who have earned their bronze reading stars!

The Discarded Nut Theatre produced the below story with the pupils.


by Osborne School

World Book Day 3rd March 2016

“Sam is a typical teenage girl who finds herself in a dark and dangerous world. Will Pablo Z and Jonathon Bond (younger brother of James) save the day from evil villains or will Beetletron, the mad bad (but stylish) robotic baddy and his sidekick, Redbook, win and burn the world? Travel into the world of darkness, light and disaster…”

The sun was high in the sky. It was going to be a really hot day. Beetletron was in his “Big Momma” truck, his funky black and red robes flowing about him. He sat with his feet on the dashboard, practicing his sun sword fighting. “It’s a good day for world domination,” the evil robot thought, as the golden blade cut through the air about him.

Close by, a girl was running as quick as a fire bolt. She was scared. She ran until the streets turned in to fields and the light turned in to night. How could they laugh at her? Didn’t they know her parents had been murdered? Exhausted, Samantha Miraculous sank to the ground. She would sleep and dream of happier times.

Meanwhile, the great Mexican Pablo Z, hero, benefactor and genius, was again bent over his work. Surely this time it would work. How many months had he spent working on the formula to turn chilli in to fuel for all mankind and machine-kind? A last kidney bean added to the mixture and … “BOOM!” “Oh no!” yelled Pablo Z. “What have you done now?” shouted Jonathan, Pablo Z’s trusted friend and younger brother of the great James Bond.

A huge dust cloud covered the sun. Beetletron blinked as a speck of kidney bean fell into his eye. He was furious. He knew who was responsible for such crazy, chilli fuelled madness – Pablo Z. Today, Beetletron and his trusty sidekick, Redhook, would take Pablo Z prisoner and finish him forever. Which is very nearly, exactly what they did!

Meanwhile, Jonathan got up and dusted himself down. Yet another experiment gone wrong but where was Pablo Z? He had to find help and quick. After a short run across green fields, Jonathan stumbled across the sleeping girl. Jonathan watched her sleep, not realising that soon her dreams would help save his friend.  

Sam woke. As soon as Jonathan asked her, she knew what to do. Her dreams had told her everything. She and Jonathan must find Beetletron and his truck. If they found the truck they would find Pablo Z. It was a clear dark night. Sam explained that the dark would keep them safe from Beetletron famous sun sword. However, if it took too long to free Pablo from his prison in the ” Big Momma” truck , the sun would come up, Beetletron would regain his strength, the sun sword would again become all powerful and they could lose everything, including their lives.

After a moment of despair, Jonathan remembered a story that his brother, James, told him of the “night sword”. It was the only thing that could defeat Beetletron’s sun sword. Sam and Jonathan found the sword in the vault of MI6 where it was encased in a block of ice. The legend told that only a person with deep, dark thoughts could release the sword. Sam knew that it was her. Feeling scared but strong and with her eyes closed, she grasped the sword in both hands. In her mind, she pictured her dying parents. With a sound almost like a sigh, the sword lifted from the block of ice and a bright, shining beam showed the pair that Pablo Z was now tied to the “Big Momma” truck like yesterday’s meat.

Sam and Jonathan raced to the truck, now parked in Norwich, but the sun was coming up. Standing in front of the truck were Beetletron and Redhook with the Beetlebot army behind them. A great battle broke out. Sam and Beetletron fought – night sword against sun sword. With a final blow, Sam plunged the night sword in to Beetletron’s eye. With that, his black robotic heart stopped and all his Beetlebot army short-circuited and expired.

Sam felt her dark thoughts leave her . Jonathan, overcome by her great bravery, threw himself to one knee and proposed. Of course, Sam said “yes!”.

Pablo Z disappeared. Well, he didn’t need to stay around with all that lovey-dovey stuff going on, particularly as he had a teleport device in his sombrero. Besides which, he’d had a thought about exactly how many chilli beans his formula needed to work successfully.

So everyone was happy. So happy in fact that no one noticed a small egg quietly hatching and a little black and red robot emerging.   A little robot that looked just like his father… Beetletron!


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