D-Fest Curriculum Day

On the 14th July the pupils took part in a huge curriculum day arranged by all the staff to celebrate the work and retirement of Janet Durham, Osborne Schools long-standing deputy headteacher. Mrs Durham wrote about her experiences of the day…

All I knew about D fest was a note in the school diary that said ‘keep this date clear’.  At 09.30 on the dot on 14th July the D Fest bus arrived at my house accompanied by Sonia, Wendy and some pupils.  There were pictures of me everywhere and lots of pink – my favourite lipstick colour.  My guests and I were duly loaded into the bus and then we were off.  I had absolutely no idea at all about what was going to happen.

As I stepped out of the bus on the school field, the whole school erupted into their version of ‘Lipstick, Powder and Paint’ complete with actions.  I think it was a bit of a hint about me always applying my pink lippy!!!

D Fest was amazing.  Each pupil chose 4 activities to do during the morning – sensory story, circus skills, art and craft, drumming, colouring, sports activities.  My guests and I had a go at the activities.  I was very impressed with the butterfly I made, with the help of the pupils.  But despite expert help from pupils, some of whom were fantastic, I was absolutely rubbish at the hoola hooping.

Lunch was a street party with some delicious food made by the Food Tech department.  Pupils, staff and visitors all sat outside on the patio.

The afternoon was a show case of the morning’s activities in front of the whole school and guests.  It was just fantastic.  The pupils were so in tune with all the activities.  There was so much energy and enthusiasm.  They gave it their all and demonstrated how talented they are.  It was truly a remarkable occasion.   The pupils were so very happy and loved every minute of the day.

For me, it was just the most fantastic day of my career.  The guests were people I had worked with in the past and pupils and their parents from my first class in 1979.  There were members of Friends of Osborne that I have worked with and even visitors from Germany.  I so enjoyed meeting all these people again and sharing the day with them and our wonderful pupils.

I cannot thank the staff enough for all the work they put into making D Fest so successful.  How did you do it all having done the concert the week before?  I really do believe that Osborne is the best – the best staff and the best pupils.  It has been a privilege to work in the learning disability field for the whole of my career and a privilege to end my career working at Osborne.

But it does not stop there, as I am continuing with Friends of Osborne as Secretary, and am looking forward to supporting the school in a different way.

Thank you, Osborne, for a wonderful D Fest and making my retirement so happy and exciting.

Janet Durham.

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