The Wizard of Os

In the last week of the summer term, Osborne School devised, rehearsed and performed their adaptation of the 1939 classic ‘Wizard of Oz’: ‘The Wizard of Os’.

The story focused on Dorothy, a farmer’s daughter who was swept away to Os where she met a group of friends. On her quest to return home, she encountered a washed up 1980s rock icon ‘The Wizard’ who was touring the land of Os after his career failed to take off in America. He was based in Paradise City, where the friends and Dorothy watched him in concert. The Wizard promised to help Dorothy and her friends if they stole him the Wicked Witch’s broom stick for his award cabinet. Dorothy and her friends tracked down the witch, and with the help of the Good Witch Glinda, defeated her, receiving the things they needed in return, including Dorothy’s ticket home.

The students very much enjoyed the rehearsal stages of this show. There was a real buzz around the dance pieces which were all big, show stopping numbers. Highlights included a Post 16 and Year 11 Tin Man Line Dance, a boxing gym for lions and the 1960s Scarecrows.

The cast provided some impressive moments with their comic timing, especially during the Wizard’s scenes where Liam Chandler captured the personality of The Wizard flawlessly. The audience enjoyed his excellent delivery and his commitment to the character.

Kayleigh Pike, Josh Batchelor, Connor Coleman and Connor Bates made up the team of Dorothy and her companions. They worked together so well to create a bond which could be seen on stage.

The show was another success, and enjoyed by all. We can’t wait for our next whole school performance at Christmas!

Hannah Corrall, Director and Senior Teacher

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