Maths Day 2016 – Money Sense

The whole school took part in our curriculum Maths Day. Some of the pupils took part in a variety of workshops arranged by MoneySense a scheme ran by NatWest, whereby 6 volunteers helped deliver individual workshops. Some of the workshops were:

  •  ‘How we use money’ – Pupils explored the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, ways in which Families spend money, and our choices around how to use money (e.g. spend, save, or donate)
  • ‘It’s party time!’ – This task involved pupils working in groups to present to the rest of the class a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party for a child.
  • Spending money on a pet’ – This activity helped children to identify the financial implications to owning a pet.

Also 7KM and 7HC created a real life stationery shop. Throughout the afternoon the pupils had the opportunity to visit the shop to buy items of their choice. The pupils in year 7 spent a lot of time organising stock, making price lists, making price labels and sorting/distributing money for all classes, so they each had money to spend.

It was a great day and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed it!

We loved Maths day!

Kate Monger, Maths Coordinator


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