Safer Internet Day 2017

On Tuesday the 7th of February the whole school enjoyed our 7th I.C.T. curriculum day. The day coincided with ‘Safer Internet Day’ – an initiative aiming to raise awareness of young people using the internet responsibly. Pupils learnt about e-safety, positive communication using devices and the pressure to be perfect online. Pupils in Key Stage 3 finished their e-safety video too, please have a watch below.

Pupils in 11SL learnt that it’s OK not to look like your Instagram heroes who use photoshop, camera techniques and filters to make themselves look different. 11SL posed for #proud selfies.

Some pupils created their own positive Emojis.

Some pupils also got to experience a huge Scalextric track, bought in by parent Laine Parker. Laine taught the pupils about data logging and great fun was had by all. Osborne School would like to thank Laine hugely for his wonderful enthusiasm and teaching skills.






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