Headteachers Comment – March 2017

Welcome back everyone!

Last half term was indeed a busy one and definitely a productive one with pupils thoroughly enjoying their learning, taking part in curriculum days, sporting events and musical events.

In particular this last half term we took part in the UK’S Rock Challenge which was simply brilliant and we were undoubtedly performing as well as if not better than any mainstream school.  We did in fact receive three awards for our performance, Spirit of Rock Challenge, Best Drama Concept and an Awareness of Drugs and Harmful Substances.  A massive achievement and a big thank you to the staff and pupils, and of course parents at home, for picking them up, supporting them and ensuring they had practised and done all they should do.

We also came second in the national anti-bullying competition; please read Ben’s write up on a separate page on the website: HERE

So what does this half term have in store for us?  We started very early on with World Book Day and you will be pleased to hear that we have also won the Chairman’s Music of the Year Award, the special school category, we have had a special visit from the Chairman of Hampshire County Council to present us with our award.

We are working very closely with Hampshire Parent Carer Network to set up regular meetings for parents to share their experience of caring for a young person with special needs, hear from visiting professionals, give your opinion on how Hampshire may formulate policy and practice and of course to share support for each other.

This half term we have Year 9, 10, 11 Parent Consultations, as well as all the normal day to day classes where year 11 will be working extremely hard to try and get coursework finished and preparing for their exams.

That just leaves me say thank you for your continued support, please check your class’s blog and please do contact the school if you would like to volunteer in any capacity or have any queries.  Have a good half term.



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