Rubik’s Cube Shows – Shepherds Down Summer Fair & The Hedge End Halo Lunch

Rubik’s Cube have had the pleasure of two shows in less than four days. Firstly, Rubik’s Cube braved the intense heat of Saturday to perform a 20-minute set in the blazing hot sun. The group performed for the visitors of the Shepherds Down Summer Fair. Isabella was so famous that the deputy head of Shepherds Down even held an umbrella for the duration of our set to shield Isabella from the Sun. Much fun was had by all.



On Tuesday the whole band traveled by 3 mini-buses to Kings Community Church in Hedge End to perform for the Elderly people in the community. We performed on a lovely stage and sang our hearts out. The audience loved it. One of the audience called ‘Tom’ commented “It was a real privilege to hear such a talented group of young people. You all performed with so much energy”.

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