Osborne School Prom 2017

This years ‘Leavers Prom’ was another rip-roaring success. The theme was ‘The Cruise Ship’ and involved boat paraphernalia scattered around the hall. You can see from the video and pictures the huge effort staff put in to change the school hall into a prom ready venue. Glorious food, music, drinks and dancing was enjoyed by all. An unforgettable night for our young people and their families to enjoy forever.

Below photos are by Clare McErlean.

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  1. Christine McWhirter // June 25, 2017 at 9:42 am // Reply

    Great photographs and fantastic night, just a shame cannot access the video on YouTube 😞👍 .

    • I am working on it – It keeps getting blocked for music content. I will fiddle tonight. The film will be shown at the Osborne School film Festival on Sunday at 10.45am at Everyman Cinema Winchester.

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