The Osborne School Film Festival 2017

The first ‘Osborne School Film Festival’ was held at Everyman Cinema in Winchester on Sunday 9th July 2017

The purpose behind the festival was to showcase the amazing work the pupils have done throughout the year and to premiere three new Osborne School movies. Pupils, parents and staff arrived at the festival in very smart clothing. They were ushered into the cinema down a red carpet, and were treated to popcorn inside the cinema.

Rescue From Space, Fruit Wars VI and Fruit Wars V were shown to the ecstatic audience alongside over 10 other films. The films were also sold in the foyer, with over £80 already raised for the Grenfell Tower relief fund (chosen by the pupils).

Photos above by Claire MacErlean

The films will be uploaded to the school Youtube channel this week. A huge thanks you to Ben at Everyman Cinema, Sonia O’Donnell and Caroline Irwin for helping me arrange this events for the pupils. We shall do it again next year!

Ben Dlugokecki, Head of Computing


And here is a second Trailer:

Osborne School pupils and staff have always enjoyed making, creating and participating in short films. These films benefit the pupils in many ways – they celebrate achievement, serve as evidence of learning and allow our young people to be creative.


Films shown at the festival were:

  • Rescue from Space (Grand premiere)
  • Fruit Wars 1 and 2 (Grand premiere)
  • Rock Challenge 2017
  • Hamlet
  • Prom 2017
  • Legacy 110 – Pupils World War 1 film
  • There is Another Way – Anti-bullying film
  • Key Stage 3 Cyberbullying film – Safer Internet day
  • Animation – Year 8
  • Switches – LRBVK and ESINT


Fruit Wars Episodes VI & V will be premiering at the film festival. Poster designed by C.Rivron.

Poster designed by C.Rivron & M.Andrew

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