Be Our Guest – Osborne School Summer Production 2017

The amazing pupils performed ‘Be Our Guest’, an adaption of Beauty and the Beast, as our summer performance this year. Here is a review by Osborne College tutor Michelle Rick.

In true Osborne style the whole school pulled together to perform a stunning interpretation of Beauty and the Beast in Be Our Guest. All props and scenery were made throughout the week by students and staff, and the delight shines through as the students showcase them.
A fantastic opening, where the Beast played by Alfie Fox and his castle become enchanted, with strong symbolism displaying the transformation.Our leading lady Libby Chick enters to a new scene of a busy market village and helps set the difference between the worlds that they each live.
The show has a fantastic cast, each with a unique take on their character, bringing fear, love and humour to the whole production. All of Osborne is involved throughout the show and put their entire selves into their individual rendition of their acts.
The performance has a great energy and everyone performing is taking pride in their superb performances, clearly enjoying every moment. The students all come together for a glorious finale filled with singing, dancing and Makaton. Taking to the stage for one last performance of A Tale As Old As Time, the students absolutely own the stage and are truly disserving of their applauds.
The Cast has been directed by Hannah Corrall, you can see her passion throughout the production, as always Sarah Criddle puts her truly creative hat on to design all the unique scenery and props for the students to make and add their own creative touches too.
The production is a fantastic representation of what all Osborne students do and accomplish with their staff. Well Done Everyone!!


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