The Great Osborne Bake Off 2017

On 29th September Osborne School held its second Osborne Bake Off! This was part of the Food Tech D&T curriculum theme day. The challenge this year was to design and make an Illusion cake! The whole school participated and an amazing display of cakes were made in all shapes and sizes. Students had to draw and label their own designs and vote for the class favourite or make a whole class collaboratively. Sponge cake recipes were followed and classes opted to make/use glace, butter or fondant icing.

In KS3 cakes were made in the shape of a breakfast tray, a train, a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a space ship, a shark, Dory the fish, a yoyo, a clock, a castle ruin, and a tyre. 9BR won best presented cake with their Turbo cake, 9GF won the most imaginative with their Historic Ruin and 8GJ won the tastiest with the Space Ship cake. A special certificate went to 8HC for the judges overall best cake in a shape of a bunch of flowers.

In KS4/Osborne college cakes were made in a rainbow, a Minion, an X box, ice cream cones, spaghetti bolognaise, a hedgehog and its babies, a baked potato and a burger! 11ALP won the best taste with their spaghetti cake, 16OB with their burger cake for the most imaginative category and 16LW the best presented with their jacket potato cake.

247As well as designing and making students were learning skills in weighing, mixing, measuring, pouring, rolling  and spreading to name a few as well as endorsing all the Osborne School Values with learning and cooperation at the core. Max Andrew in Year 11 not only helped make his class cake, he designed a game using Scratch that allowed the player to make a cake.

Great fun was had by all.

All cakes were sold the following day at The Osborne school café when £58 was raised in aid of The Macmillian Cancer Trust.


Jan Smith – Head of Food Technology

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