Osborne School present ‘Hogwarts’

Our Christmas production this year was an original Osborne Production show which followed the story of a wizard, Stanley Silvermane during his first year at Hogwarts.

Our show begins with Stanley eagerly awaiting his letter from Hogwarts School. Once he receives his letter, he goes shopping on Diagon Alley for all the items he needs to begin his wizarding journey. Stanley then boards the Hogwarts Express to his new school.

Along his journey, Stanley meets the infamous Harry Potter, who is not quite as welcoming as has been made out to be.  Stanley takes an instant dislike to Harry and Harry’s friends, especially after finding himself sorted into Hufflepuff, unlike the rest of the Silvermane family, who had been Gryffindors 452 years.

Stanley struggles to find his way at Hogwarts, his potion threatens to destroy the school, his team looses at Quidditch and he can’t even make a feather float in his charms lesson. He is about to give up magic for good, when Professor Flitwick inspires him to find ‘his time to shine’.

After overhearing Harry, Ron and Hermione plotting to take down Voldermort, Stanley knows that this is his time to shine. Along with Harry, Stanley defeates Voldermort, saving Hogwarts School from certain doom.

Liam Chandler played Stanley. His portrayal of Stanley as a slightly egotistical, jaded young wizard was inspired, and complimented by Shaun Knight’s take on Harry, a shy and standoffish character. They were supported by Connor Coleman, Ella Parker, Josh Batchelor, Kaci Colgrave, Beth Finnigan, Ella Usher, Kayleigh Pike and Lilly Hall, who all performed with enthusiasm, adding their own stamp on the script with some excellent adlibs. Jack Pledge led the teachers as Professor Dumbledore. Jack took on the role like a professional, he used humour flawlessly and made the role his own.

Each year group joined the main cast as they performed a dance or movement piece. The whole school approached the show very professionally, coming to rehearsals ready to learn their routines and adding their own spin on the choreography throughout the process.

As always Osborne students completed the preparations for the show in a week. This included props, costumes and rehearsals. The enthusiasm shown by the whole school community carefully tied the production together, a true team effort and an enchanting production.

A DVD of the school production is available for £6. Please contact admin@osborne.hants.sch.uk for details.

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