Rubik’s Cube @ Naomi House Children’s Hospice

Rubik’s Cube (with it’s numbers at their highest for over 7 years) gathered on three buses and headed for the absolutely amazing Naomi House Children’s Hospice. They went to perform some Christmas songs and their own medley’s.

The staff at Naomi House are always so welcoming and friendly. They helped us into their training room where we prepared for the show.


We performed around 8 songs including lots of Christmas songs.

A lot of the pupils also got to perform solos of Last Christmas, their favourite of all the Christmas songs. Even the staff and young people of Naomi House got their own solo!

A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all!


Clare McErlean and Ben Dlugokecki

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  1. Well done Rubiks Cube! You are all amazing, keep singing and making everyone smile😊

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