Safer Internet Day 2018


This year the focus was ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect! A better internet starts with you!’ as part of safer internet day (coordinated by

The Aims of Safer Internet Day were 2018:

  • Children and young people can help to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online, by protecting their online reputations (and those of others), and by seeking out positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.
  • Parents and carers play a crucial role in empowering and supporting children to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively, whether it is by ensuring an open dialogue with their children, educating them to use technology safely and positively, or by acting as digital role models.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to make a positive difference online. We can all promote the positive by being kind and respectful to others and seeking out positive opportunities to create and connect. We can all respond to the negative by reporting any inappropriate or illegal content.

Lesson 1 – Being Polite Online

Pupils learnt about positive interaction using technology. They then put their ideas onto a jigsaw piece. We then connected the jigsaw pieces together. This was then shared on a Twitter page.

Lesson 2 – Digital role-models

Pupils created a class Avatar and discussed what positive and safe things their digital role model would do online.

Lesson 3 – Digital dilemmas

Pupils took part in role-plays around different digital dilemmas including online bullying and putting our technology away at night.

And some more photos from the day:


For more information about e-safety CLICK HERE

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