Osborne School @ Rock Challenge 2018

On Wednesday 21st February, Osborne School took park in Rock Challenge 2018. 44 students attended the event, it was a really, really successful day filled with lots of laughter, fun and good memories.

We spent 7 weeks rehearsing our performance, a dance interpretation of The Tempest that we entitled ‘Prospero’s Island’. We picked out the best scenes from the play and choreographed our 8 minute dance piece to showcase the amazing talents of our students

Ella Parker (left) played an excellent Prospero, she was focused and committed to the role, showing excellent characterisation throughout her performance. Shaun Knight and Liam Chandler lead the group of sprites who added an excellent dimension to the group dances. They stepped up their choreography, adding their own interpretations to the movements that we had put in place.

It was lovely to see so many of our students part in the process, they thoroughly enjoyed the day. We started off the day with a group production meeting, where all 9 of the participating schools met and enjoyed dancing to some classic party tunes. We then watched the rehearsals of the other school which were fantastic, and gave us lots of inspiration for next year! After this it was our time to rehearse. Theo Budd coordinated the professional video production of our performance and we added the lights and practiced moving the set into place. We ran through the performance twice, the Rock Challenge staff were really impressed at how professional we all were.

After the rehearsal, we got into costume, make up and hair in our dressing room. We then took to the stage to close the first half of the show. The judges were really impressed with our performance and commented on the beautiful scenery that the whole school had contributed to making. We also won an award for Positive Inclusion, the first award of the night!

We won four awards in total. The Positive Inclusion Award, Spirit of Rock Challenge, Award for Excellence in Performance Skill and Award for Excellence in Entertainment. All of which we are very proud of!

We cannot wait to top this next year and have some great plans for the future! An excellent event was had by all.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and pupils for their support. See you all next year!

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