Science Curriculum Day – Exploration and Discovery

As part of British Science Week, the whole school took part in a Science Day which included a range of activities for students of all abilities. First we thought about where we might explore; from the desert to the poles, from the bottom of the ocean to outer space!

We explored inside the school and discovered fascinating facts about animals on our School Safari. Some classes ventured out doors for a bug hunt or to gather materials to build their own bird’s nests. We also explored with our senses, sampling exotic fruit from around the world. Some students became archaeologists and learned how we can find out about the past by dissecting ancient poo. Others became palaeontologists, learning about dinosaur fossils.

11BD took part in a Citizen Science project to monitor the amount of plastic waste littering our beaches. 9BR were also concerned about the dangers of plastic in the environment and produced superb posters.

Sadly, it was on our Science Day that we learnt of the death of Stephen Hawking. I discussed Hawking and his work with my class, 8GJ, many of whom are interested in the study of outer space. We agreed that Hawking was a great role model, an example of someone who achieved in spite of his disability.

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