Music Makers pen Osborne Song!

In the Autumn Term Osborne School won ‘Best Special School’ at the Chairman’s Year of Music Awards scheme. Our reward was two mornings with the wonderful Tara Chapman, a music workshop teacher. Tara and 10 students wrote an ‘Osborne School song’, with lyrics written by the pupils and inspired by the Osborne Values. Hear it above, the words are below. Sing along!

Osborne School Song


Baaa, ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba x 4

Verse 1

We’re down here at Osborne School

To tell you of our 7 values

Peace, stay calm, don’t stress

Don’t fight and play with friends

Happiness, smiling and laughing

Feeling good about ourselves all day long

Co-operation, don’t forget to help

Don’t forget to have teamwork

Respect other people and respect everyone

Being kind supporting each other


Sharing our values, we care for each other


We learn, we help,

In truth, in peace

Respecting each other, happy together

We smile, we play

We get along

It’s time to get together at Osborne School

And we sing

Baaa, ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba x 2

Verse 2

Responsibility – I am in charge of my things and me

The smallest things that I do matter

Honesty – don’t lie all the time

Be truthful forever, we’re there for one another

Learning – building our knowledge

Discovering new things every day





Chorus x 2 (with improv in ba section)


We may not change the world but it’s a start today.

Osborne School Song

Chord Structure

Intro and verse

C – Am – G – F


Dm – Em – F – G


C – G – Am – F

Verse 2

C – Am – G – F


Dm – Em – F – G


C – G – Am – F


C – G – C


1 Comment on Music Makers pen Osborne Song!

  1. WOW! I love your school song. Tara sent me the link and I’ve just listened to it – you guys are amazing!! Keep up the good work and keep us up to date with your musical adventures – we love hearing all about it!
    Liz Davies – Hampshire Music Service 🙂


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