Headteacher’s Comment – July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

As another year draws to a close, I wanted to write and thank you all for your continued support of the school and to give you some highlights of the amazing achievements your young people have made over the year.  I also want to share with you how we intend to develop over the forthcoming year along with some general information.

The achievements of the young people never cease to amaze me and they make me so proud.  This year we have seen an increased number of pupils accessing GCSE/Level 1 qualifications along with BTECs and Entry Level accreditation, all of which will allow them to progress in the future.  In line with other secondary schools we will be open on Thursday 23 August for pupils to collect their results.

We have also won many awards including the Harrison Cup from the Shine Media Awards, which is a national competition; the Hampshire Countryside Project – 1st place; 1st place in the Hampshire Boccia Tournament; overall winners for the Integr8 Dance competition, and so the list continues (for full information please visit the school’s website).  All of this can only ever be achieved with the pure dedication of the staff and your continued support of all we do, so thank you.

Over the summer holidays we will continue to make improvements to the school.  They may not be as significant as in recent years, however we endeavour to maintain our high standards, albeit now with limited funds.  We are developing a relaxed quiet area outside which will be accessible for all; we are having a further intervention/relaxation space within the school and we continue to upgrade areas which are in need of some care and attention.

With regards to the limited funds, unfortunately we are now unable to perhaps provide some of the items that we may have done in the past, so if it is suitable for your young person, please ensure they attend school with a pencil case containing all the essential pens and pencils, etc.  Osborne is part of the national WorthLess? Campaign for fairer funding of schools and we are hoping that we will receive further funds in the future.  FOS continue to support the school and are fantastic in raising funds for those items we would not be able to afford, thank you to you all for supporting the charity.

Next academic year we will continue to develop our assessment systems, develop accreditation further, ensure teaching and learning is of the highest standard and we are looking to develop the bottom of the school field into a forest school. This is only a very small snippet of what we intend to do and I will send further information in the new academic year of the full school developments.

Unfortunately due to staff shortages in the office this year we have been unable to complete the end of year reports for the end of term.  We take great pride in producing these booklets as a celebration of the achievements and hard work your young person has made over the year and it is not something we want to rush.  They will be with you at some point in the holidays via the Royal Mail, so please watch out for the post. Thank you for your understanding.

That just leaves me to say thank you once again for your continued support and engagement with the school and I wish you all a very happy, safe and relaxed holiday.

Yours sincerely

Sonia White (O’Donnell)


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