Osborne School Bake Off 3

This year the challenge was Biscuits! Students were given the task to design and make a biscuit using a basic recipe. Students had to draw and label a design, make and decorate the biscuit and evaluate their biscuits at the end of the day.  Students were given a choice of flavorings as well a choice of decorations. Decisions had to be made to make either individual biscuits, a whole class biscuit or layered biscuits. Prizes were awarded for the tastiest and the most imaginative biscuits.

Classes worked on the challenge all day with all of key stage 3 in the hall to make the biscuit dough!  It was fun but messy! As usual competition was fierce and there was a lot of friendly rivalry and brilliant ideas. Biscuits were made in all sorts of shapes, sizes and themes with some interesting flavours! The staff and students embraced the challenge to come up with some stunning designs. Each class earned a Bake Off#3 wooden spoon with the winning classes earning golden spoons and a box of chocolate biscuits.

This is what each class produced.

Year 7s

7ET Ship Shape, a class biscuit made up of shapes in the shape of a ship.

7LWA Easy Squeezies, individually designed star shaped biscuits

7HH/LT The Football Team, A football pitch with individual footballer biscuits

Year 8s

8EH/CP The Flower Meadow, a class biscuit and The Skull, individual skeleton biscuits

8KH The Star Tree, a class 3-d tree

8LH We are all stars, individual star shape biscuits.

Year 9s

9GF Pizza, a class biscuit

9AM The Pink Panther Biscuit and The Party Firework Biscuit, class biscuits

9CM Numiscuits, a class biscuit imprinted with Numicon

9BR Ginger Brunch, individual layered biscuits

Year 10s

10GJ The Leaning Tower of Science, a class layered biscuit

10BD The Biscuit Express, a class biscuit, a train, tracks and all!

Year 11s

11SA Game of Phones, a class biscuit with individual emoji biscuits

11 JW Osborne Values biscuit tree, a class biscuit of the Osborne tree with individual value biscuits


All About The Base, a class biscuit of giant initials and individual biscuits.

The winners for the tastiest biscuits were, 9CM Numiscuits and 11SA Game of Phones and the most imaginative were 9GF Pizza and 10BD The Biscuit Express. Judging was done using a rating system with these classes earning the highest scores.  However it was very close between all the classes and all classes were WINNERS in terms of creativity and teamwork.

Well done ALL, Keep BAKING!!

Jan Smith, Head of Food Technology



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