Parent Volunteering Day

On Saturday 19th January I went along to Osborne School to help clear the wooded area at the bottom of the playing field of dead leaves, ivy and saplings. Stewart Lang organised this day and it was fantastic to see so many parents, pupils and staff working as a team to clear the site. In true Osborne style everyone mucked in together, young and old and worked hard. Thanks to FOS tea, coffee and biscuits were provided for all workers. Very welcome as it was a cold day!

The school council have been involved in deciding what they would like to have in this area and it is hoped that a local building firm will help to provide some of the materials and labour so it can be used and enjoyed by all. So they can can see what is required the area needed to be cleared and by the end of the day the area was transformed! An existing path was uncovered and all the saplings removed and now await the site team to shred them. Quite a task.

The next step is to make a map of the whole area and plan what is going where. Lovely project for outside education, linking in so many subjects.

Thank you to Stewart for running such a successful day.

Penny Parkinson, Governor

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