World Book Day 2019

Osborne celebrated World Book day 2019 in style yesterday when the entire school had the chance to take part in a drama or stories workshop courtesy of Bag Books, discarded Nut Theatre or Blue Apple theatre. The theme this year was ‘sharing stories’ and with Discarded Nut theatre pupils got a chance to learn about what makes a good story and to use a bag of props to build and share their own stories. With Blue Apple Theatre pupils got the chance to work with former pupils of Osborne school (thanks Sam!) to think about how we communicate using other things than speech and to work on their body language and expressions. Pupils also got the chance to listen to a professional story teller at work with amazing visual and sensory props to support the story.

Pupils also took part in a school based competition to design and make their own book covers for their classroom doors and came up with some incredible, bright and eye catching designs, which you can see below. The winner of the competition was 8LH for their door which supports their English work on the book ‘Holes’. Well done 8LH. We also had a very exciting event yesterday with our first ever two submissions to the 500 words story competition run by BBC Radio Two. Fantastic work Finn, Stan and Alex from 7HHLT and good luck in the competition!

Heidi Hack and James Wharton (English Coordinators)

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