Rubik’s Cube @ The Music For Youth Regional Festival

The now enormous Rubik’s Cube (our school rock/pop choir) departed from Osborne in 3 mini-buses to head towards Southampton to compete in this years ‘Music for Youth Regional Festival’. Music for Youth is a British charity which provides free access to educational and performance opportunities for groups of young musicians and audiences through a series of festivals and concerts throughout the UK.

Rubik’s Cube were shown to our dressing room where we warmed up and prepared for our performance. Staff and pupils from Richard Taunton’s college were exceptional and made us all feel very welcome. We performed a medley of our hit songs which included lots of solos – including Barnaby’s first solo through a microphone. We had the audience clapping and cheering along. One judge told us we were incredible and that he couldn’t find one fault in our performance. George was also praised for his hat, even though the hat had been ‘borrowed’ from Mr D’s classroom! The judges also loved that we gave them a free kazoo! “Who doesn’t like a kazoo?” one judge said! Well done Rubik’s Cube, you’re fantastic and long may you rock all over the world!

Claire McErlean and Ben Dlugokecki, Rubik’s Cube directors

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