Visit to the Tudor House and Gardens in Southampton

On Monday 1st April, 8EHCP visited the Tudor House in Southampton. The sun shone over the beautiful herb and flower filled gardens as the students discovered the many herbal recipes used and believed to cure deadly diseases.

They were introduced to the history of the building and its surroundings, including the canon gifted to the house by Henry Vlll.

The students enjoyed a guided tour from the museum staff, being given the opportunity to explore the cellar and attic of the house, both of which are out of bounds to the general public.

An interactive workshop allowed for Students to bring their imaginations alive, dressing in Tudor clothing and handing antique objects, excavated from the rubble of the house over the years. The trip was fantastic for the students to consolidate what they have been learning about the era.

To finish the day, as a class we explored the walls and remaining Tudor buildings around the Tudor house itself. Overall it was a successful and enjoyable day for all.

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