Big Battery Hunt 2019 – Joseph’s Amazing Battery Collection

Osborne School signed up to take part in the Big Battery Hunt 2019 which runs until the 3rd June 2019. Along with other Schools we will have the chance to win some great prizes. Further information can be found on the Big Battery Hunt website.

A big thankyou to everybody who has taken part and sent in batteries in various sizes and colours. Our total count so far is approx 4,555 which has been boosted by the efforts of Joseph Park of 16ES and his family. Josephs parents had a collection at work and collected approx 1,000 batteries. Grandma asked around her village and bagfuls of batteries were left on her doorstep! Joseph’s Carer asked her Husband, who works in a shop, to help with the community battery scheme.  

Joseph’s collection efforts have been put onto the Big Battery Hunt “Your Stories” page and he will be entered into a monthly prize draw where he could win an ipad for himself and £500 worth of equipment vouchers for Osborne School.  Please read below.

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