Rubik’s Cube Rock the Royal Albert Hall

On Tuesday the 12th of November 2019 Rubik’s Cube (the school’s rock choir) headed to the National Music for Youth Proms held at the Royal Albert Hall. The choir won their place at the Proms by taking part in regional and national festivals ran by Music for Youth, wowing crowds and inspiring the audiences. Rubik’s Cube played shows in Southampton and Birmingham to secure their place, and it was completely worthwhile.

FOS (friends of Osborne School) kindly donated Hoodies to celebrate the achievement of the young people. On the hoodies are printed the names of the young people. The kids and staff loved them, a HUGE thank you to FOS for the donation – especially Barry and Janet for helping arrange this. Steve Brine, who has been our local MP for years and supported our school on a number of occasions saw us off and congratulated the young people. We then embarked on a packed bus with lots of snacks, singing and motorways.

When we arrived we had time for a quick snap in the drizzly London weather, followed by a swift entrance to the Royal Albert Hall.

We then found our dressing room where the lads quickly made themselves comfortable on their devices while the ladies made themselves look beautiful. The girls loved using the professional lighted mirror – a big hit!

We then hit the stage for a sound check which was amazing. The Royal Albert Hall is a beautiful building, incredible acoustics and it feels absolutely enormous. It’s a very high building and the sound travels all the way to the ceiling. The sound check went well, then there was a long long wait.

After the wait we warmed-up.

The performance was brilliant – Rubik’s really lifted themselves up for the performance and the crowd went wild. Barnaby and Jenna did solos, George did his usual unplanned stage invasion (always welcomed) and the choir were brilliant. Isabelle enjoyed it (she DID NOT enjoy the sound check), Samuel’s introduction was clear and Matthew’s ‘One more time’ was spot on. The crowd loved it, biggest cheer of the night and another Rubik’s moment we will all never forget.

We then watched the other brilliant acts, calmed down and began the long journey home. It was a long, emotional and fun day enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the staff, parents, music for youth staff and young people for an incredible adventure.

Ben Dlugokecki, Musical Director of Rubik’s Cube

If anyone has any photos or videos please send them into school. The official photos from the event can be purchased using the password mfy19 and visiting

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