Safer Internet Day 2020

Osborne School took part in the national ‘Safer Internet Day’ organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Pupils from across the school took part in several activities that centered on keeping the internet a positive and safer place. We made a video on the day that highlights the diverse learning and the engagement of the pupils.

Safer Internet Day 2020

Pupils took part in a competition to create their very own ‘Cyber Safety Superhero‘. The pupils learnt about the SMART cyber safety rules (see below) and they also gave their heroes fantastic e-safety values!

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Pupils took part in ‘#freetobe‘, explaining and exploring the ‘positive’ aspects of their own I.C.T. experiences. The pupils explored aspects of the ‘Dark Web‘, using mock social network templates to identify a nasty/unwanted comment. Pupils were encouraged to block and report any unwanted followers/friends from their social networks. Pupils in Key Stage 4 took part in a special session discussing the importance of ‘Thinking before we post’.

For more information about e-safety CLICK HERE

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