Autism Acceptance Month – Visual stories that speak for themselves

Parents and carers

I wanted to highlight this amazing offer as part of Autusm Acceptance Month that begins on Tuesday!

Pictello is a very useful app used by many students at Osborne School.

If you have an iPad and your child has any communication difficulties, I highly recommend it. 

All the students that I use this App with absolutely love it and enjoy sharing their books with family, staff and their peers.

Pictello allows you to create and share visual memory books, social stories, task instructions, information books and daily schedules. Adding your own pictures, videos and recordings to the stories you create makes it easier to share information while building literacy skills, as well as confidence in storytelling.

There is a 50% discount that will be in effect worldwide from Thursday April 2 to Saturday April 4. No need to fill in a discount code – you’ll see the discounted amount in the App Store.

More information: CLICK HERE

I hope you are all keeping safe and well,

Sarah Criddle (Student Support)

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