Welcome to the Skellig Project!


Each week, there will be at least two video clips of me reading Skellig by David Almond to you. There will also be activities that you can complete, if you would like to (they are below and can be found on the English section of the Osborne School Hub – CLICK HERE).


I have tried to organise activities according to suitability for individual current levels of attainment. These are: Adapted, Core, Extended and GCSE.

You will usually find that you can carry out activities from more than one of these categories.

You can of course, just enjoy listening to the story without doing anything else!

If you do try any activities, please do feel free to email anything back to me and I will be happy to send you some feedback. C.irwin@osborne.hants.sch.uk

Please also send us photos of any pictures or of you enjoying activities. Remember to ask permission from your parents/carers if you are sending anything online.

Adapted Activities





If you are working at Core, Extended or GCSE levels, I highly recommend that you try to download a copy of the text onto Kindle or tablet, if you have this available to you.

There is a film version of the book, please try not to look at this until we have finished reading as you will not gain as much from the activities and the activities are based on the book, not the film ā€“ it will be a treat to watch it at the end and you will enjoy it all the more!

Caroline Irwin, Deputy Headteacher

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