Happy Easter!

Stay safe and well!

Happy Easter from the Senior Leadership Team of Osborne School!

The Easter Disco ran on Facebook Live by FOS Chairman Barry Barnett (below) was a huge success on Friday. There was over 70 people watching online at one time! Pupils, staff and parents enjoyed listening to Barry’s DJ session and contributing requests. Thank you Barry for your excellent effort and wonderful musical skills. Judging from the hundreds of comments it was enjoyed by all.

If you are on Facebook then it might be a good idea to follow the Osborne School Facebook Page. There are updates, YouTube links and resources shared there alongside our main website.

Some teachers have started to use Zoom & Skype to communicate with their classes and young people. This was sent by Nuri Lopes, Year 10 teacher:

This morning (Friday, 3rd March) we had a very fun time together that filled our hearts.Seven families were connected through ZOOM and the children were able to see their class mates and teacher. It was good to see the children with a smile on their face whilst we are going through these difficult times. 

We have started by greeting each other, which was followed by a bucket therapy session. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed it and have been engaged throughout the session. Parents have asked for these sessions to be repeated every week, so we have agreed doing them every Friday at 10 am, where we will have a video call from 10NL pupils.

Finally, check out Year 7 teacher reading Bad Dad by David Walliams on YouTube. An excellent session your young people can listen to and enjoy.

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