Rubik’s Cube – back – again!

Hello everyone! This Wednesday the weekly Rubik’s Cube rehearsals online will continue. Unfortunately, due to security issues with the website ‘Zoom’, we are as a school currently unable to use that service. Yesterday we did a ‘run through’ trialling both ‘MS Teams’ and ‘Google Hangouts’. ‘Google Hangouts’ seemed to work much better for Rubik’s Cube because users can see more than 4 people at a time! So Wednesday we are going for a 12pm session of Rubik’s Cube. Pupils please keep practicing ‘Lean On Me’ and let’s just have fun seeing each other! As always, anyone from school is invited.

How do I join the rehearsals from now on?

Step 1: Send me an email ( expressing that you would like to attend the rehearsal!* This email must be sent by parents, not pupils, for child protection reasons.

Step 2: I will email all participants 10 minutes before 12pm every Wednesday the link to the Google hangout. All pupils will need to practice pressing mute on their hangout, if parents could support the pupils that would be excellent. Rubik’s Cube rehearsals will last around 20 minutes.

Step 3: All participants must leave the hangout after the session ends. I’ll be sticking around to ask all young people to carry on their day without me!

Stay safe everyone!

Ben Dlugokecki, Musical director of Rubik’s Cube

*Members of 11BD no need to email me, I have your email addresses.

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