Osborne School Scouts Update

Osborne Scout group are managing to continue our weekly sessions during this time and have been utterly amazing! We meet online and have weekly challenges which all have fully engaged themselves in. We made our own Union Jack flags so we could still salute at the beginning and end of each session, we have made soup whilst live online, completed scavenger hunts around the home and they have thrown themselves into a fund raising frenzy!

As you will have already seen on the website, Samuel threw over a hundred basket balls to raise over £2500 (donate HERE), and this week we all took part in the ‘Hike to the Moon’ challenge that raised money for ‘The Big Night In’ event. Finn raised almost £300 alone during his personal efforts to walk and run a mile around his close. Well done Scouts!

Lisa Massey, D&T & Food Technology Teacher

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