Samuel raises £2,675 for NHS Hampshire Hospitals charity

Samuel (Year 9) ended up raising £2,675 for the NHS Hampshire Hospitals charity! We asked Samuel’s Mum Lisa to report on this enormous achievement. Well done, Samuel!

Samuel has wanted to raise money for the amazing NHS during the difficult times the UK and the whole world is currently going through.

Samuel decided to challenge himself to shoot 100 hoops through his basketball net over one week. This may seem something very simple, but for Samuel who struggles with coordination due to his dyspraxia and muscle strength due to hypotonia, for samuel, this is a big deal. 

Samuel was even more inspired to raise money when one of our little friends, who is just 11, was admitted to The Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester with COVID-19 and pneumonia. For this reason, Samuel chose the charity “Hampshire Hospitals charity” to fundraise for. Thankfully our friend is now home with her family and recovering well.

Samuel originally wanted to raise £100 which was £1 per hoop, But the support he has received from friends, family, school and the wider community has been astounding and, to date,  he has raised a whopping £2,655.

Samuel reached his 100 hoop goal during a live Facebook video on Day 5 of his challenge. However, as Samuel was so amazed and sincerely humbled by the amount of donations he had received he decided to keep the challenge going and raise the number of hoops to 200 by the end of day 8.

Samuel completely smashed his challenge in more ways than one. He ended day 8 having done 220 hoops which is a massive achievement for Samuel and even more so that he has raised so much money for an amazing charity. We are now almost a week since his challenge ended and the figure is still going up a little bit every day!

We as his parents are incredibly proud of what he’s achieved and Samuel is incredibly proud of himself and we’re all a little overwhelmed by everyone’s support and love for our lovely lad.

Today, Samuel received a thank you letter from NHS Hampshire Hospitals charity which Samuel was completely overjoyed by! 

You can still donate to the hoop challenge:

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