VE Day 75 – This Friday

This Friday – 8th May – the nation will remember the day that World War 2 ended in Europe 75 years ago.

Please have a look at this link – CLICK HERE. There are some ideas for celebrating this event safely during lockdown.

Also on the Humanities page of the hub there are lots of ideas.

You can create your own window flag and colour your own bunting for the garden or window.

You will find templates for these in the Art folder on the Osborne Hub.

There will be continuous broadcasts throughout the day on BBC but the key times are:

11am – Two minutes’ silence.

3pm – Broadcast of Churchill’s announcement and a “Raise your glass” as a salute to all involved at that time.

9pm – Broadcast by The Queen. I believe followed by everyone being encouraged to sing “We’ll Meet Again” in their gardens or on their doorsteps!

It should have been a day of street parties and parades but I know we are pretty adaptable and can make the best of having fun while keeping safe. If there IS any doorstep singing – film it!! Send it to Ben ( for the school website or facebook page!

With a bit of luck, the weather will be good and you can have your own VE Day special lunch in the garden.

Above all, have some fun and stay safe.

Best Wishes

Brenda Ralston

Head of Key Stage 3 and Head of Art 

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