Osborne School Film Festival III

Here is the trailer for our first ONLINE Film Festival!

And below was the lineup for 2020.

The festival opened with a work out from Jamie (Year 11) and his father!

You will need your cereal for breakfast, so why not try Bennios? A delicious cereal created by the filmmaking group.

And as we are still watching some adverts here is Tom & Jake (Year 9) with another advert…

Rubik’s Cube have recorded a special version of the late Bill Withers song ‘Lean On Me’.

An epic stop motion by Year 11 Thomas. Follow time traveller Steve on an epic journey….

An excellent film made by the Osborne School Scouts, thanking key workers and our NHS.

Dr Who: The Curse of Fenric II. A sequel to the wildly popular Dr Who ‘Curse of Fenric’ series of episodes. The Doctor returns to Osborne School in Winchester as a mysterious pot is causing mayhem. The pot contains ‘The Curse of Fenric’ and a sinister Dalek is using it to turn the schools’ pupils into annoying Zombies. Can the Doctor find a way to destroy the Dalek and the curse for good? This is the second time the Doctor has visited Osborne. See his first adventure below too!

From 2013……

Staff member Szbina created this lovely Stop Motion Animation

A real treat. Matthew (Year 11) has created a double bill of movies for us! The first is a tribute to the TV show Miraculous…

…..and an important message (that includes Ninja training!)….

The shortest film of the festival – but a very important message!

An Osborne Student sent us this EPIC stop-motion Lord of the Rings animation.

Footage from Rubik’s Cube playing the Birmingham Symphony Hall in 2019 – never before seen!

The Dr Who: Curse of Fenric II blooper reel!

Barny has made his third PE video – this time, it’s Cricket!

Earlier this year we had World Book Day. Here are SOME of the videos made of the day, others remain at school ready to be editied when lockdown is ended.

This really is for die hard fans! Here is a zoom commentary of the Dr Who: Curse of Fenric II movie. We are joined by Mark Ball, the driver and creator of the Dalek!

And let’s finish off with the brilliant ‘Our House’ made by the staff of Osborne School……

If you’ve felt inspired to try some filmmaking, you could follow this link to enter ‘IntoFilms’ competition.


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