Student mental health and wealth: COVID-19 update

Below is a report into Student mental health and wealth conducted by Governor Lynn Mckeague.

1) Osborne school embeds student mental health and wealth in its curriculum. Please provide two examples of how student well-being is being promoted in your classrooms this term (this could include details of any resources, worksheets etc. that are used):  

i) Resources are available on the learning hub about mental health for both pupils and parents. 

ii) Elsa and FEIPs is continuing, using on line during this pandemic, class teachers and SLT are in touch weekly with pupils, parents and staff during this time  

2) Please comment on how initiatives like Rubik’s Cube contribute to student mental health and wealth:  

Rubik’s cube has always given a huge amount to the pupils and parents, the pupils always look forward to their rehearsals and thoroughly enjoy their time when they are performing both to the school and at external events. 

During the pandemic Rubik’s cube has continued using online media and it is certainly keeping the spirits of the band members up. It has also been noticed how many other students from across the school  have requested to join at this time as they enjoy listening to the music and seeing other members of the school community. Many staff have also joined in order to  keep their mental spirts high as well.  

3) Is there anything that the school governors could do to help you in your role when it comes to supporting students’ mental health and wealth?  

Throughout the pandemic, the Cof G has written to the staff and has been supportive of the head teacher through emails and phone call, other governors have also been in touch to offer support and guidance which has been fantastic.  

Since Governors have been involved with the school council, I feel this has made a difference to the pupil’s mental health as they now feel fully listened to and valued. 

Continued communication to staff and pupils from the governors will ensure that mental health remains high. 

Staff well-being:  

1) Please comment on how the school supports staff with their own mental health, managing the stress of the job, and managing their workload.  

As I am sure you know this is a very difficult time, however I have noticed a real pull together attitude from the staff in their roles at home and especially in ensuring each other are ok and that nobody is left isolated.  

They are also making sure that there is plenty in place for the pupils. Please see the website for examples of this  

2) Is there anything else that the school could do to further support staff and what might the resource implications of this be?  

On our return to school from this pandemic, there may be support that is required for some staff and pupils due to bereavement and other trauma experienced during this time. It will take a long while to get back to some kind of normality and the support of the governors will be paramount and I know forthcoming. Contact with Parents may well be required from Governors.  

Further mental health resources are required to boost the current resources and further work is required on the website to ensure there is a sustainable approach to mental health in the school. 

Sonia White 

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