Where are they now? – Joe

Heidi unexpectedly caught up with Joe (an ex-pupil) at a socially distanced VE day road celebration and Joe is doing really well at his current residential placement at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy near Avon Tyrrell in the New Forest. 

Heidi taught Joe at Osborne for some subjects but he has now reached the grand old age of 21 and is hugely enjoying working with horses at the Fortune Centre but has come home during the COVID 19 outbreak.  He left Osborne in 2015 and went to Totton College for one year and then Sparsholt College for three and a half years where he found he really enjoyed working with animals. 

He told me all about what he does during the week at the Fortune Centre, Choir on a Monday, Yoga on a Tuesday, swimming and kick boxing and sometimes a cheeky visit to the pub on a Friday night! 

He sounds like a very busy chap and it was lovely to hear that he was doing so well and enjoying life.

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