Fete memories

This Saturday we should have been our school fete. Obviously, in these unusual times we cannot be out on the field this year. To combat this we held an online fete a few weeks ago with amazing success. Lots of fun was had and we raised £1672 in the process.  Read more HERE

To celebrate our wonderful fete this year, we would like to hear from you with your stories and memories of fetes from the past. You can send us pictures and videos if you wish. It can be anything as long as it is fete related. Tell us your favourite thing you have seen at a fete, whether you have won anything, a show you enjoyed watching or just the taste of the burgers from Janet Durham’s BBQ!!!! (my personal favourite). 

Send them to b.barnett@osborne.hants.sch.uk and we will put the best up on the website on Fete Day on Saturday. Lets celebrate the fantastic event that is the Friends of Osborne School Fete. 

Barry Barnett, Chairman of FOS

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