Parent / Carer Update

Dear Parents and Carers 

I wanted to write to give you an update on how the wider re-opening of the school has progressed since 8 June.  We opened up to 19 pupils over a three day period, with one day a week being used for cleaning and the other day allowing for Transition visits from our new Year 7 pupils who are due to start in September.   

I am very pleased to report that it has gone well and very smoothly.  Pupils enjoyed being back in school, albeit a little anxious on their first day.  I stated in my last letter that we would be able to review the current situation at the end of this week to see if we can enable more pupils to have access to the school.  The good news is that we have done this early and we will be taking another 14 pupils from the beginning of next week; from the beginning of the week commencing 29 June we will be taking another 10 pupils on our OsKings site.  

All of these pupils have been identified as those who require extra levels of support to what they are currently getting and, from a mental health and behavioural perspective, require the opportunity to come into school.  A number of the pupils are also from key worker families.    

We have tried extremely hard to manage the situation as best we can to ensure that we have strict safety procedures in place for all those concerned and those attending school.  Unfortunately we have now reached capacity and are unlikely to be opening up the school any further before the end of the academic year.  Those pupils who have been allocated time in school are all aware.  If you have not been allocated then your young person will be required to remain at home until further notice.  All online learning and support will remain as it has done since the start of lockdown, even if your child is attending school.  We are aware that many pupils may still have belongings in school that they would like over the summer and we are currently trying to work out how such items can be returned to you. 

I am hoping that before the end of term I will have some information about the plans for the start of the new academic year but until then I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any queries.  

Take care, Stay safe. 

Best wishes  

Sonia White, Headteacher 

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