Challenge Osborne

This week we are launching ‘Challenge Osborne‘ – a new set of weekly challenges to engage the young people who attend Osborne School.

It’s simple – pupils choose a challenge or do them all! 

Challenge 1
Make a junk model from items that would other wise be thrown away. You could make a robot, an animal, a building creative! Send us photos of your creation with a short explanation of what you have made.

Challenge 2
Design a poster to encourage people to recycle plastic or use less plastic. You can colour a poster, draw your own poster or design a poster on the computer.
If you love ICT you may want to film an advert or make a Power Point. Send us your photos, films or power points.

Challenge 3
Reuse a plastic bottle. Have a look online. What can you make from a plastic bottle ? Send us photos of your creations.

Challenge 4
Say no to single use carrier bags -Design a Bag for Life. Draw a design, make a design on the computer or even have a go at making your own Bag for Life. Send us photos of your design.

Send your entries to by Friday the 3rd of July. All entries to be shared on our school website and certificates will be awarded! Good luck everyone!

Caroline Irwin, Deputy Hedteacher

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